Shouldve Seen It Coming.

July 25th, 2008 + 7:07 PM  ·  DaveUK

(Acoustic Version)

Hi everyone

Here is a song written and performed by my mate Kerry Smyth, who I think has a brilliant voice and I really like this tune. I insisted that she let me record it this afternoon (lol) so here is what came out.

Please let us know what you think about the song and the recording, and if you enjoy it please check out her myspace



Thirty Thousand Feet NEW

June 9th, 2008 + 6:06 PM  ·  DaveUK

Hi everyone

Thanks to all of you for your suggestions!

I've remixed / mastered the track with adjustments to the drums sound and levels, and more bass.

Hopefully this should improve on the bottom end and drums issues some people mentioned.

Hope you like it, this is the version that has hit our myspace page.


If you like it, please check us out! Add us, leave a comment, tell your friends, anything would be great.

Thanks again

A Time For Reason

Thirty Thousand Feet

June 7th, 2008 + 3:06 PM  ·  DaveUK

Hi everyone

This song.... well we have been working on it for ages.

Hope you like it!

I'll look to review some of the latest bandamp stuff as soon as I can... life is just super super super busy so apologies I haven't reviewed much recently.



February 14th, 2008 + 6:02 PM  ·  DaveUK

Hi all

Please check out our final version of 'The Ultimatum'. Thanks to everyone who gave suggestions on the mix etc, and James would also like to thank TLS for the singing tips.

- Vocals: James
Weapon of choice: Shure SM57

- Drums: Pete
Instrument of destruction: Yamaha DTXpressII Midi kit equipped with a Battery

- Bass: Joe
Earthquake Generator: Hohner with 'Not Even Slinky' strings

- Guitar: Dave
Executioner's Axe: Ibanez RG2570EX

The track was mixed using a ZX Spectrum with the 128kb RAM upgrade. FTW!!!!

Special thanks go out to the Devil for buying our souls on the cheap (some spiderman candy sticks and an 1/8th of weed!!!)

Rock on.

- A Time For Reason.

The Ultimatum NEW!

February 10th, 2008 + 8:02 PM  ·  DaveUK

Hey all

Here is a new version of our track 'The Ultimatum'

New developments:

- Spent AGES on the drum sound using Battery and a Yamaha DTXplorer drum kit. Skillz from our drummer Pete. Check em out!

- Guitars were also recorded with two mics (SM-57 dynamic and AT4040 condenser) to aim for that studio sound and depth.

- James is not 100% happy with his vocals but I like them

- Bass from our very own Joe

- Mix / mastering by me with suggestions from the crew

As always, please let us know what you think

"A Time for Reason"
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